The answer to your facial and skin rejuvenation aspirations may lie in your own blood. Factor4 facial rejuvenation treatment at The Harley Clinic offers the most advanced, targeted anti-ageing treatment on the market. It works by slowing down ageing, reducing fine lines and wrinkles to make your skin look amazing – all with your own precious blood.

Factor4 is a medical advanced, next generation in Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. Factor4 has more than 4 times the growth factors and cytokines than regular Platelet-rich plasma treatments, with no additives. Factor4 naturally stimulates your own collagen, benefiting skin elasticity, significantly slowing down the skin’s ageing process.

If you’re looking to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pores and scars, or improve overall skin texture, giving you a much more youthful look and feel, naturally, Factor4 could be for you*.

What Is Factor4 Skin And Facial Rejuvenation Treatment?

FACTOR4 or Autologous Conditioned Serum is highly concentrated and super-rich blood serum containing four times more growth factors than any brand Blood Rich Injection product. A FACTOR4 treatment naturally stimulates your own collagen, benefiting skin elasticity, significantly slowing down the skin’s aging process, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing pores and scars and improving the overall skin’s texture, giving it a much more youthful look and feel*.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for the treatment?

Preparation for the Factor4 treatment is fairly straight forward. Reduce or avoid alcohol consumption the night before as this can dehydrate you and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Consume 2 – 4 glasses of water before you come in to have your blood taken to ensure you are well hydrated.

How much of my blood is collected?

A very small amount of blood will be drawn, between 30 and 50 ml of blood in one go. This is enough for four Factor4 treatments.

Will there be anything added to my blood?

Nothing will be added to your blood. The Factor4 difference comes from how your blood is processed and stored.